Bespoke Street Photography Days

WITH jeff & Sarah G Ascough

Photo: Sarah G Ascough

Are you a newcomer to street photography who wants to overcome your fear of shooting strangers? Maybe you've been shooting for years and have got stuck in a rut and need a creative shot in the arm? Or are you someone that just wants to go out shooting for the sheer fun and enjoyment? Spend a day with us and IMPROVE YOUR CONFIDENCE by seeing how we shoot strangers in a non-confrontational, relaxed and easy way. LEARN THE TECHNIQUES that we use to help us work quickly and effectively and without thinking about the camera. DISCOVER THE WAYS we use light and composition to make our street photographs stand out from the crowd. Above all, HAVE SOME FUN while shooting on the streets.

Sarah G Ascough

Sarah is an internationally published and prize-winning photographer. She is currently part of Leica's "The World Deserves Witnesses" campaign alongside Steve McCurry, Joel Meyerowitz, Elliott Erwitt, Chris Steele-Perkins, Thomas Hoepker and others. A gifted and natural street photographer, Sarah's work has twice appeared in Leica Fotografie International and in advertising campaigns for Canon and Leica.

A bespoke day of street photography

All photographers see the world uniquely and have different experience levels. To help you get the very best in street photography tuition, we offer a day of photography personalised to you.


Would you like to shoot with me, Sarah, or both? Is shooting at night something that you would like to do? Do you need help with camera settings or approaching people? Are street portraits something you would like to shoot? Would you prefer to hang out with us, chat and take photographs? Whatever you want from the day, we can help you achieve it. The day is yours, it is flexible and you can bring a partner or a fellow photographer with you too.


We will be in different locations across the UK this summer. If you would like to spend a day with us, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

The cost

Each day costs £450.

Dates & locations 2022

We will be in the following locations through 2022. Please get in touch for dates.

Blackpool - Available all year round

Manchester - Available all year round

London - June & October

Oxford - June only

Brighton - June only

An outstanding 10/10 experience


Had such a good time and got exactly what I'd hoped. I've learned so much.


I had a brilliant time and learned so much. You made the experience so enjoyable and definitely got me over my fear of taking photos of people.


I've admired Jeff and Sarah's work since I started photography. It was an absolute thrill to learn from them.


It was great learning from you again and to see how you seek photos and work scenes. I have again plenty of new things to experiment with.


You put me at ease straight away and helped me get out of my photography comfort zone.

Dinesh M


T. 07545 898502